About Us

Christopher M. Boehm



 1. Fish Market (Cleaned fish buckets)
2. Caddy
3. Landscaper-Painter
4. Luggage Salesman
5. Line Cook
6. Loan Officer
7. Archaeological Consultant
8. Retail (Sporting Goods)
9. Bartender
10. Auto-Salvage Yard
11. Substitute Teacher
12. Volunteered at Great Lakes Science Center and Cleveland Museum of Natural History 

13. Armor Officer

Where I find Happiness

 I am at my most content, not in a certain place, but at a certain time. In the military, its called both Begin Morning Nautical Twilight (BMNT) and End Evening Nautical Twilight (EENT). On this day in particular I recall being upset over a big life event. It was time to begin my hunt, except my "prey" was faithfully there at BMNT. I stare, like we all do, pondering the mysteries of the universe. Wave after wave. Cresting and falling.
Knowing where the energy of the waves were from Oceanography 101, allowed me to understand the ocean even more so that day. The waves we see as "moving" are really just the energy from storms over stretches of sea. Which made me "move" the unhappy thoughts out of my head. Oneness with the ocean and its energy. There is a term coined in these scenarios of happiness hunting I found in numerous books...Oceanic 

Captain's Log STARtup Dates



 Balance. There are 'tymes' in a start-up when you wear a multitude of hats. Finding the balance is where adaptability comes into play. There are moments where we fly to close to the sun, a modern day Captain Ahab at times (or even Captain America). But today, I chose Captain Kangaroo 



 When faced with "tough" decisions, we tend to weigh a myriad of options. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Tough is in quotations, because your mission statement should force any internal conflict from our decision-making equation. 



 Greed. Is it okay to NOT be greedy in business? Where is the line drawn between passion for product and a desire for gold? One Solution- Having Integrity can shield us against greed... 



 Digital Discipline.  Have you ever wondered how our children will view our social media presence? What type of lens will they be looking through? With bias and a grain of salt? 



 "It belongs in a museum!" I was recently asked if “large” and “groundbreaking” discoveries in the field of Archaeology results in a dream being fulfilled—if that was the ‘end goal’. Presently, cultural globalization allows for an instant transfer of knowledge. For any –ologist, this might cause an underlying pressure to find it, claim it, or share it first. We’re taught to move the science and knowledge forward with high risk, high reward mentalities, right? But for me, Archaeology is more about the perseverance in the preservation. Finding an artifact to properly preserve its integrity and cultural connection so that my kids and their kids can see and learn from it? Well, that is the end goal. 



 ABSOLUTELY, proud to announce TymeStamp's affiliation with The University of California, Merced Venture Lab.  I learned a valuable lesson in taking this picture.  

Keep the dog and pony show videos to a minimum (for now) because my children are babies and I will never get small moments like: 

1. When they nestle their toes in between your legs for warmth 

 2.  Reading A Light in The Attic by Shel Silverstein (Original Copy)  

3.  Watching Them Grow 

Keep it simple